Ad hoc comes from a Latin phrase meaning "for this". It's a dynamic solution designed for a specific problem or task. We offer marketers a remarkable, on-demand guild of Cannes-winning creatives, Effie-winning strategists, planners versed in the fragmented media landscape and seasoned account people who can wrangle everyone toward a common goal, on time and on budget.

Richard Cran Co-Founder
Chief Client Guy

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Tyson Brown Co-Founder

Richard Cran

Richard has the ability to refocus a bunch of strong-willed advertising types back, again and again, to the appropriate objective. He knows when a strategic nudge is needed, or more, if that's what it takes to get the best creative / thinking / effective work out of his hand-picked guild members. His mind is razor sharp yet always warm, funny and personally accessible.

What's the guild?

Custom senior level teams built just for your business problem. Our operating and economic model is connected directly to the growing pool of talented, hard working, pragmatic, outcome-focused freelancers and consultants. Custom teams created specifically for your business problem. Everything you need and nothing you don't.

Tyson Brown

Tyson has over 22 years in the business. He's seen it all and has worked on every brand imaginable. From NASA to NASCAR he's know as the client whisperer. His focus is on finding the most powerful and persuasive messages to get the consumer to not only believe in what he's selling, but to become ambassadors for that brand.


To see our work, open just about any award show book. Scroll down the list of important speakers at industry conferences. Talk to a trusted colleague about who's doing the stuff they wish they were doing.

Those are our guild members. And it's their portfolios, reels and case studies you would see on our website if there were room for it all. What's more important though, is that could soon be the kind of work being done for your company.

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Our Process

We don't have a defined process
because it's unique for each client.

The Ad Hoc guild does the things traditional agencies can't, won't, belittle and bemoan, or simply don't have the mindset and level of talent to accomplish within an affordable budget. Richard Cran




Blue Sky Thinking meets the Blue Ocean Strategy

The dictionary defines Blue Sky Thinking as "creative ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs".

Blue Ocean Strategy asks us to consider the idea that if there's a lot of red in the water from sharks feeding on limited food (and often each other), why not explore the vast blue oceans beyond that confined space and confined thinking?

We recognize the dire need for companies and marketers to seriously consider both of those ideas. And we offer a unique alternative. (See, we haven't even met you yet and we're already pitching you great ideas:)



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